Steps is a great pedometer app that tracks your steps works everywhere you go!

To use STEPS all you have to do is open the app and push a button to get started.

STEPS keeps track of the steps you take, calories burned, distance traveled, and time spent walking in real-time. All of this info is displayed in day, week, map and trip views.

+ Automatically counts all steps
+ Works anywhere on your body (pants, jacket, purse, bag, in hand, arm band)
+ Built for iOS 7
+ Counts calories
+ Records distance
+ Tracks active time
+ Trip feature let you track walks seperatly from your total day
+ Charts break down total steps take in a day, throughout the week, and on a single trip
+ Share your steps on social networks like Facebook and Twitter
+ See where you've walked with the map view
+ Personal Bests for day, week, month, year
+ Set daily goals to work toward